About American Craftware

American Craftware is a small company created by two guys who met in college.  Sharing the same up-beat outlook on life and business, it was obvious from the start that they would make a great team.  Like in any great team, each brings his own strength to the company.
Gene is an inventor and engineer who really enjoys spending time relating to people, finding out what they like, what they don’t like, and what they wish they could do.  Naturally, he takes what he learns from others, combines it with his own experiences, and thinks about gadgets or machines that could make things easier and more pleasurable.
From a very young age, he has been fascinated with, and tinkering with machines. The blown fuses and band-aids not withstanding, he developed an intuitive insight into how machines work by first person examination and experiment. That he became a mechanical engineer is not a surprise, it has always been his trajectory.  What is more compelling, though, is that he is not satisfied with devices that already exist, but rather with ones that he can improve or better yet, invent from scratch.  Any act that requires creating something is one that Gene relishes.  Thus, gardening, cooking, building, and inventing are all activities at the top of his list.  He hopes you like the website, he built it himself.
Dan was on a path to becoming a medical doctor when circumstances made him change directions.  Now he is a microbiologist turned automation mechanical engineer.  That gives him a deep insight into how the two fields intersect, which is, of course, how the very best innovations happen.  His passion for all things living has not abated, and now he has added an entire new direction he can take with it.  You can expect some great American Craftware products in the future that combine those two fields.  Wouldn’t you love to make your own cheese, your own prosciutto, your own distillation of essential oils?  Dan has plans for just those kinds of products.  Sure it will take some time, but be patient, because the products we create will be truly awesome.
If that were not enough, Dan also has professional experience in quality control and process improvement in some heavy industrial factories where small errors can have enormous impacts.  Of course, Dan will bring his exacting quality standards to American Craftware product production.
Both Gene and Dan have contributed to our country’s success and security by serving in the US armed forces.  Gene served as a nuclear power chemist in the navy and Dan as an Army captain who led troops in Iraq.  They are proud to have served.

If you buy our products now, you are helping to nurture this budding company, and are getting products that are currently hand made by the founders.  We very much appreciate all of our customers and are very willing to go the extra mile to make sure they are happy and satisfied.

We stand behind all American Craftware products.  Help make our story a success by buying from us and then sharing your experiences with our products.