The Ivanhoe Garden Hoe

The Ivanhoe

You won’t want to miss this new garden hoe.  It is designed to make your gardening into a very pleasurable experience.   This tool erases weeds by shaving them off at the ground.  Shave your garden once per week, and the weeds will be so weakened they will give up.

The blade on the Ivanhoe is the real game changer.  It is super sharp and made of surgical stainless steel,so it cuts almost effortlessly and keeps on cutting that way.  Super easy to resharpen when it finally loses that edge but thin enough that you can keep cutting, cultivating, planting, and shaping with it even when the edge could use a sharpening.

Look, you can buy a garden hoe that looks somewhat like this at the hardware store or nursery, but don’t be fooled.  Those tools all have the same shortcut.  The blade is made of softer, thicker stainless.  If you want a sharp tool, you need good steel.  These are top quality cutlery stainless.

Plus with the Ivanhoe you get a pistol grip.  Take a look at your hand.  Now make a fist like you are holding something in it.  See that angle that your knuckles make compared to the line of your arm.  That is the angle your hand should be in when operating a tool like this.  Every hand hoe on the market has a simple round handle in line with the shaft.  You have to twist your wrist downward in order to hold a typical hand hoe.  The pistol grip on the Ivanhoe has exactly the right angle for your wrist.

Finally, the Ivanhoe is built to last.  Small garden tools all fail the same way, they twist freely in the handle.  In this photo, you can see how that is impossible with the Ivanhoe.

Making the shaft kinked and embedded in the handle like that is an expensive process, but that handle will never come free of the shaft unless you break the entire handle.  This is a garden hoe your grand-kids can still use.

Handle Splayed Word

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