The Ostrich Hand Spade

The Ostrich is a standard size hand spade for the garden, but the size is the only thing standard about it.

This is an all stainless steel garden trowel with a very rigid blade that is sharpened at the cutting edge making your cultivating, transplanting, and general digging easier.

The handle, as you can see from the photo has an unusual shape for a garden spade, and boy does it matter.  When you hold this in your hand, you will very likely say what most people say when they hold it for the first time.  You will say “ooooh”.  Yes, it feels so good in the hand because the shape has been designed and redesigned until it just fits.  Furthermore, the thumb rest near the shaft gives you a little extra leverage for pushing into the soil.  If that is not enough, the sloping curve of the back of the handle gives you another even larger place to put the palm of your hand while you push in.

The finish on the handle is water proof, coated many times with outdoor rated polyurethane.  It is a thick, durable coating that can withstand rain and soil.  That is not the best part though.  The best part is the silky smooth finish that feels like velvet in the hand.  Just imagine what it feels like to stroke your finger across that glossy smooth surface.  It is usually worth another “oooh”.

To top it all off, this is a hand crafted tool.  I take the time to select the most beautiful wood possible for the handle, I polish the shaft, I ensure that the blade is even and properly sharpened.  You can’t buy a garden spade like this in a store, at least not yet.  Get one now, before I get them in stores, because that will mean higher production, which means in the future, you won’t be able to get one hand crafted by me, the founder of American Craftware.

Just look at this beauty.  Wouldn’t it make the perfect gift for that gardener you know? Wouldn’t it be perfect in your hand? Buy one now.


The Ostrich Hand Spade

The handle just fits the hand.

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