Mini Transplanting Spade (The Stork)


This mini transplanting spade is perfect for transplanting those little seedlings.  Throw away the soup spoon with the soil stains. Use the right tool.  The thin, sharpened blade will get your seedlings into their next location without shocking the roots.

This is a beautiful tool that works extraordinarily well.  Perfect gift for yourself or for someone you love.

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The stork of popular American legend delivers babies to the homes where they will grow up. The Stork by American Craftware carries on that tradition with your baby plants. This mini transplanting spade delivers the seedlings you started in your seedbed to the place they will grow into saplings and beyond.

I made the first mini transplanting spade for myself, because I was tired of destroying my little starting pots, or the plants in them with a big spade with a thick dull blade.  I realized that I shouldn’t be using a soup spoon, or a Popsicle stick, or any other half measures that were sort of getting me by.  So I made myself the first mini transplanting spade, and it was so nice, I thought I would make some for everyone. 

The small, perfectly shaped blade is thin and sharp, so you won’t shock the roots of your seedlings when you cut them out of the patch. That means that your seedling won’t droop afterward, making it a perfect transplant. The blade is bent to be almost a half tube so with two cuts, you get a perfect cylindrical root ball that can fit just nicely into the hole you dug with the Stork. The blade and shaft are stainless steel, which means if you leave it in the garden, it won’t ever rust. But when you have a tool this nice, you are more likely to put it away when you are done with it.

But really, just look at this little beauty, a stunning hardwood handle with stainless hardware is as pretty as it is effective. Imagine the look on the face of your special gardener when they pull this out of the gift wrap.

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