Chef knife with Maple Burl Handle


This listing is for the specific whisk as shown in the photo.  Each Burl Handle knife is unique; first come, first serve.

Handcrafted, Durable, Sharp, Ergonomic, & Beautiful!

The handle of this knife is made of beautiful and durable hardwoods from the United States. As natural wood grains and colors are organic in nature, each knife is uniquely special!  The knife handle is carefully balanced and ergonomically shaped to fit the hand comfortably.  The wood surface is sealed with a special formula that provides a waterproof surface and beautiful shine.

The blade is specially selected for its quality steel, sharp edge, and thinness.  The thin blade makes this knife light, flexible, and easy to keep sharp.  The knife’s size and shape make it pleasurable for everyday kitchen use.

Superalloy stainless steel by Kiwi Corp.

Blade Dimensions:
Length = 6.25 inches
Width = 1.7 inches
Thickness =1/25 inch ( 1mm)

Handle Material:

Top Grade Maple Burl: The burl used in this knife is the very top grade you can get.  The intense figure and contrast in the grain together with the light spalting make this a rare, beautiful, and expensive wood.  It is hard and durable and ready to use.
Black Walnut: An American hardwood with a rich dark brown-black color used widely in fine furniture.

No stain used, all wood colors are naturally occurring.

Dishwasher safe.

2 in stock (can be backordered)


This chef knife is a work of art.  The handle is made of a combination of two hardwoods to provide aesthetic contrast while allowing for a superior method of manufacture.

The blade in this chef knife is from Kiwi Corp. and is the favorite chef’s knife among most of Asia’s chefs.  It is gaining a great deal of popularity among American chef’s and cooks too.  The blade is made of an outstanding grade of stainless steel, meaning it holds an edge quite well, but most modern knives have that, so that is not a differentiating factor.

What is different about this blade, is that it is just one millimeter thick.  The thin blade gives superior performance in the following ways:

  • It is very light and lively.  Heavy blades don’t cut better, they are just heavier.  You can really make this blade move, because it is so light.
  • It doesn’t offer nearly as much resistance as it slices through food, particularly stout food like root vegetables, melons, squash, cheeses, and meats.
  • It is flexible.  Yes, a flexible blade is superior to a stiff blade.  The flexibility allows for better ease of cutting, particularly where quick turns are needed, like near the bones.
  • It is WAY easier to sharpen.  OK, so here is where almost every chef knife falls down.  I have all kinds of knives in my drawer, German steel, Dutch steel, Japanese steel.  They all lay at the bottom of the storage drawer unused.  When they lose the nice sharp edge that they came with, they are REALLY hard to resharpen (and I am an excellent knife sharpener, I have been doing it all my adult life).  This thin blade is hollow ground, which means the grinding is concave, so the blade that started out thin is very thin by the time you get near the cutting edge because of the concave grinding.  Look at the photo, you can see what I mean.  These knives need just a couple of honing strokes every 4th or 5th time you use them, which takes all of 5 seconds to do, and they are back to razor sharp edge.  See some of my videos on this subject.

I have sold a lot of these chef knives at the local farmer’s markets.  Everyone who buys this chef knife from me comes back to tell me how much they love the knife.  It has become their favorite knife.

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 4 x 2 in


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