Bubinga Whisk, Large


This listing is for the specific whisk as shown in the photo.

Each whisk is unique; first come, first serve.  See below for full description.

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Handcrafted, Durable, Ergonomic, & Beautiful!

The handle of this whisk is made of beautiful and durable hardwoods from all over the world. As natural wood grains and colors are organic in nature, each whisk is uniquely special!  The handle is carefully crafted to fit the hand.

At American Craftware, we make every one of our tools by hand.  All of the woods are carefully selected for their grain, color, and texture.  We take the extra step that transforms the ordinary tool into the extraordinary tool.  You can be confident that if you buy this whisk for yourself, you will be thrilled with it, and if you buy for someone else, it will not just make them happy, it will make a statement. 

The wood surface is sealed with a special formula that provides a durable waterproof surface and beautiful shine. It is easy to clean and has no cracks or crannies for food or bacteria to accumulate.  The whisk’s size and shape are customized to make it pleasurable for everyday kitchen use. 

Handle Material:      

  • Bubinga:  Bubinga is a chestnut brown wood that comes from South America and Africa.  It is often used in the making of musical instruments because of its stability, resonance, and beauty.  We have hand selected our Bubinga for nicely figured grain, and it has a nice warm glow to the wood when in the light too.  If you like dark colored wood, you will love bubinga.
  • Dimensions:  Wire balloon length: 8 inches, Handle length: 5 inches.  Overall length: 13 inches.
  • No stain used, all wood colors are naturally occurring.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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American Craftware stands behind all of its products.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  You can buy with confidence.

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