The Stork – Seedling Transplanter

I made the first Stork for myself because I was tired of using a soup spoon for transplanting my seedlings.  It worked so nicely that I had to make some more.

Naturally, I decided to make them as beautiful as possible.  You won’t be disappointed at the look when your special gardener opens this gift.

So what is so good about the Stork?

The blade is the right size for small transplanting work and it is sharpened to make clean cuts.  No more shocking the roots, so your transplants won’t droop.  The transplants won’t even notice that they have been moved.

The blade and shaft are all stainless and are extremely rigid.  This transplanter will still be around for your great grandchildren.

What more is there to think about?  Get one now for yourself and another one for someone you love.

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